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Vomiting is a natural reaction your body might have when the digestive system comes under attack from a perceived threat. Regardless of whether you might have ingested a harmful substance, you have become the victim of a virus or bacteria, or your body assumes that you might have been poisoned, vomiting is the way the body attempts to expel anything it sees as a problem. If you or your child have experienced frequent vomiting, it is important to get medical help. The professionals at Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates can get to the root cause to explain why you have suffered from vomiting. Contact our practice today to request an appointment with a gastroenterological provider in Lubbock, TX who can provide the treatment for vomiting that you require.

Vomiting can happen as a result of numerous causes and conditions. Vomiting is a side effect of something happening in the stomach or somewhere else in your body. It may be because of food poisoning, sickness, or another gastrointestinal concern. It is important to get treatment for vomiting, specifically if you are unsure of what is causing it. Also, note that recurring cycles of vomiting may be a red flag signaling that you should seek immediate care. Contact our group of skilled gastroenterology providers at Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates to request a consultation to start you back on the path to wellness.

Vomiting is an extremely common symptom and may not always signify a larger health concern — when deciding whether or not to seek treatment for vomiting, you should consider the severity of your illness. Motion sickness and food poisoning will quickly improve. However, if you are struggling with vomiting in conjunction with things such as chest pain and difficulty breathing, or if you are vomiting blood, you should certainly contact one of our Lubbock, TX gastroenterology providers. Any consistent cycles of vomiting that last for several days with an unknown cause should also spur you to request an appointment.

If you are dealing with unmanageable vomiting, rely on the professional gastrointestinal physicians at Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates for help. Our team is glad to use our skills and experience to point you in the direction of helpful treatment. Schedule a consultation to get help for vomiting in Lubbock, TX and connect with our team today.

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Dr Kensing opened up my throat where I can swallow again. He did an excellent work. Thank you very much.

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Great experience and good care all around. Great knowledgeable staff. And the Dr. was very through and took great care.

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I highly recommend doctor Sorrell . Very good and professional. Her staff is wonderful to

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Dr. Miller and his team are wonderful! Not only are they friendly and courteous, but you can tell they genuinely care about my health and well-being. I am very happy with the care I have received from Dr. Miller and highly recommend him.

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Very thorough. Nice and informative.

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