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Indigestion describes an uncomfortable feeling that may develop in the upper abdomen. Some people might explain it a feeling of pain or fullness that happens after eating, but indigestion could also be a sign of multiple other GI issues. For information on how to manage or treat or get care for indigestion in Lubbock, TX, read the tips listed below. You can also request an appointment with our gastrointestinal providers at Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates to get the best professional care.

Indigestion can occur at any time, disrupting your day with its symptoms. It is vital to recognize and comprehend the signs of indigestion so you are able to receive the treatment that is optimal for your situation. Signs of indigestion may include:

  • Belching
  • Burning in the upper abdomen
  • Discomfort in the upper abdomen
  • Early satiety when eating
  • Discomfort due to fullness after a meal
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Excess gas in the upper abdomen

If you or a loved one have experienced any or all of the above indications and/or are finding your condition hard to relieve, you may benefit by scheduling a consultation with one of our Lubbock, TX providers.

You may experience mild indigestion from time to time, but if your symptoms become a regularly recurring problem, it might be time to consider seeking indigestion treatments. If you've been suffering from the above-listed symptoms for two or more weeks, you can be certain that a consultation with one of the gastroenterologists at Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates is justified. If your discomfort is experienced in tandem with things like repeated vomiting, difficulty swallowing, fatigue or weakness, or black, tarry stools, we recommend that you visit our team promptly. For more information on how we can offer assistance, request a meeting with our team today.

Indigestion can seriously impact your enjoyment of life, but you can find help for your condition. The experienced gastroenterology providers at Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates will work diligently to give you the solutions needed so you can live your life without the discomfort caused by indigestion. For indigestion relief in Lubbock, TX, please reach out to request a consultation with our practice.

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I have been with her many years now and she has taken care of me very welI. I appreciate her encouragement and her words of Hope

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Dr. Miller took his time to go over my symptoms and explained his thoughts and what the next step were going to be for my treatment.

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