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I've been seeing Dr Rakvit due to health issues lost count of how many years she has taken very well care of me I will continue to see you as long as I can

B.E. Google

All great! First time to see Dr Rakvit. She had already reviewed my history (long history) and knew what I needed!

G.B. Google

Dr. Rakvit is extremely approachable and personable. I have been suffering for over 15 years with a condition that I had accepted as just the way it is. But x I was referred to Dr. Rakvit and she listened to what I was saying a n d took steps to correct my condition. Life is good again.

B.H. Google

Very friendly and didn't have a long wait !

J.R. Google

1st time I have ever had a scope but for what needed to be done LDDA took really good care of me. I wish there was an easier way to prep, that was honestly not fun but the procedure itself, I was put out and in no pain. The staff was excellent and I was negative and good for another 10 years. Gastroenterologist Dr. Arwin Rackvit took really good care of me during the procedure. I really appreciate her and the staff. Thank you again for the great care. Virgina Peek

J. Google


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Welcome to Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates, where we are committed to providing the highest quality care for our patients with digestive and liver disorders. Our team of board-certified gastroenterologists and experienced staff utilize the latest technology and advancements in the field to accurately diagnose and effectively treat a range of gastrointestinal conditions. We understand that digestive disorders can be uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating, which is why we strive to provide a compassionate and supportive environment for all of our patients.

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A quick 15 – 30 minute preventive procedure could save your life. Whether you are looking for the cause of your GI symptoms like rectal bleeding or chronic diarrhea or you are screening for colorectal cancer, a colonoscopy performed by our gastroenterology specialists could give you the answers you seek. Colonoscopies help prevent, diagnose, and treat several diseases of the large intestine. As we like to say at Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates , it's better to be safe than sorry. Trust our team to always prioritize your GI health.

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Inflammatory bowel disease affects the lives of millions of Americans. If you are facing symptoms like abdominal pain, nausea, and persistent diarrhea, know that you are not alone. Our Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates GI providers are highly skilled in managing and treating the symptoms of IBD. Allow us to listen to your concerns and work with you to find the best treatment for you. Proudly serving the Lubbock, TX community, our team is ready to help you on the path to elevated gastrointestinal health.

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