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Esophageal motility studies at Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates locations are tests designed to assess the contractile function of the esophagus. To begin the process, a slender and pliable tube will be placed into the esophagus through the nose. A motility study can be conducted to help diagnose the causative factor(s) of:

  • Pain in the chest area
  • Trouble with swallowing
  • Severe gastroesophageal reflux
  • Before undergoing esophageal surgery
  • Regurgitation
  • Esophageal spasm

To find a gastrointestinal specialist who can perform an esophageal motility assessment or esophageal manometry in Lubbock, TX, connect with our team at one of our locations today.

The day before your esophageal motility study, you will receive information and instructions from your Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates provider explaining the necessary preparations. Most often, patients will be allowed to eat as they normally do the day before the test. Patients will be advised not to eat any food or beverages by mouth after midnight, except for medications. It is very important to comply with the instructions and information given to you by your GI provider. Specific instructions about your medications will also be explained. Most of the time, your medications will be continued as usual. For some patients, particularly in patients who take anticoagulants (i.e. Coumadin®, warfarin, Plavix®, aspirin, anti-inflammatories) and in patients with diabetes, special instructions will be provided.

You will need to come to the endoscopy facility 30 minutes before your evaluation. This is to provide you time to fill out forms and undergo preparations for the exam.

When you are in the procedure room, you will be asked to lie back on a patient exam table. Either your left or right nostril will be anesthetized with a numbing gel. The nurse will then gently guide a thin tube into your nostril. As the device is advanced into the esophagus, you will be prompted to swallow to enlarge the opening to the esophageal area. The nurse will initially position the device to evaluate the contractile ability of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Our staff will then measure the contraction of the muscles of the body of the esophagus. When we reach this part of the assessment, you will be prompted to drink 10 – 20 sips of water. Afterward, the process will be finished, and the tube will be taken out. In most cases, the evaluation will take around 30 – 60 minutes.

Because sedation is not necessary for the test, you will be free to leave the endoscopy center as soon as it is finished. The majority of patients can eat and drink normally following their release from the endoscopy unit, however, some instructions involving eating, medications, and activity will be provided by our team ahead of discharge.

The computer program will work to produce charts and grafts from the details collected throughout the study; the results of the test will not be ready for review until after you are released from the endoscopy center. The test results will be assessed by your provider. You will most likely get a call from your provider at the Lubbock, TX facility nearest you within a week with your esophageal manometry evaluation results.

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Esophageal manometry assessments are considered to be a safe process. Complications happen in fewer than 1% of individuals. Complications are rarely fatal, but if a complication develops, it may require surgery and a hospital stay. Before we begin the evaluation, a consent form will be reviewed with you by the medical staff at a Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates location.

Perforation or piercing of the esophageal structure is a very uncommon risk, but it can happen. This could be detected at some point during the exam, or it might not be found until later in the day. In most situations, a perforation will lead to a hospital stay and surgery.

It is very important that you contact your provider's office promptly if any symptoms arise following the procedure, such as bleeding, abdominal pain that worsens, or fever.

As is the case with any other assessment, an esophageal motility assessment is not flawless. There exists a minor, acknowledged risk that health concerns may not be noticed at the time of the study. It is vital to continually follow up with your providers as recommended and inform them of any persistent or new concerns.

To a degree, any alternative options will depend on the reason for needing an esophageal motility evaluation. For the majority of patients, an esophageal manometry exam is the preferred method to measure the contractile abilities of the esophagus. An x-ray image called an esophagram, while by itself or as part of a barium swallow/upper GI, can also enable a provider to assess the esophagus as well.

If you or a family member encounters symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty swallowing, or regurgitation, an esophageal manometry test could help your provider find, diagnose, and treat the concern. To find a specialist to perform this beneficial test, contact a Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates location if your community. As a physician-led group of gastrointestinal providers, we pride ourselves on taking a patient-centric mentality that allows us to perform with the greatest standard of care. To hear more about esophageal manometry in Lubbock, TX, please contact our staff today.

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